2016 -landed the leading role Ty in the Hollywood production Angels Fallen by Ali Zamani. Film Shot in Eastern Europe, Macedonia and Los Angeles.

15 feature films, a hand ful of short films and 3 larger theatre sets.

William is a former high profile soccer player who by an incident “slipped” into an acting career. Since his first appearance on screen, in 2003, his versatility has been evidenced by the varied of films and roles he has undertaken e.g. Kniven i Hjärtat, 10 first episodes (season one) of Bron /The Bridge, Hamilton 2, Ettor och Nollor/The Fat & The Angry. His mixed background as well as mastering Swedish, English, Arabic and some French enables him to take on a vast variety of roles. All Films/TV Series and roles William starred in have always been well thought out to show his width but also quality. From hit man to Police Officer – William was one of the first with foreign background to star as a Police Officer in a Swedish production. All Films/TV Series have been a success e.g Bron / The Bridge, now a remake in both U.S and U.K. Competing and winning in e.g Prix Europa, Prize: ”Best TV Series”, Banff Rockie Award, Prize: ”Best Criminal Drama”, Swedish Kristallen, Prize: Drama of the Year and also nominated to a BAFTA in category ”Best Foreign Series” but lost to the American Girl...

The passion William has for film / theatre is shown in his role interpretations and also his way of working on the side as a script consultant. His stories have influenced script writers as well as directors, in for example the Swedish TV series Kniven i Hjärtat directed by Agneta Fagerström. The Swedish TV production Ettor och Nollor written by Oskar Söderlund and directed by Johan Renck where William also landed one of the leading roles. Ettor och Nollor or more known Internationally as The Fat and The Angry won Silver at the TV gala in Seoul, South Korea, first prize at the the C21 Drama Awards for Best non-English Drama. It also competed in Zürich Film Festival, where William was personally invited to represent the movie as well as Sweden.

Short films William has been casted for are Malik directed by Ömer Dogan, in which William was casted as Samir a criminal gangster and President Barack Obama in Vaskduellen produced by Crazy Pictures AB.

Based on his work as an actor, his reputation in the industry as well as his amazing personality, William has received the prestigious role as the Ambassador for Gothenburg International Film Festival. He is also in tight co-operation with the Swedish Embassy in Morocco.

During 2014 William was selected to play soccer with ”TV Laget". A team of selected TV celebrities, real-life soccer heroes, movie stars who love to entertain and play soccer. They play games and tournament (charity) through out each season.  William is now playing his third season and is self-evident in the Team.

William is aslo the co-founder of FC Ibra, a team in the sport of futsal indoor soccer.  FC Ibra is an association that aims to inspire, motivate and develop kids and teenagers in Sweden. One important name for FC Ibra is Zlatan Ibrahimovic who lent his name to the association and also supports it. William is not only active on the field but also off as he continuously visits schools and meet youngsters to spread hope and dreams. William is for many youngsters a role model and give the hope that anything is possible if you just believe in yourself, stay committed and focused.